Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Just a Short While

Just a Short While
By Cortney Shurtz (12-4-07)

Sent to earth for a divine purpose
No one knew how much I truly loved you.
You entered my womb and left an imprint on my heart
My life was forever changed by your sweet, tender spirit.

Then in an instant everything grew still, and I knew you were gone.
I sobbed because I knew the world lost out on such an amazing person.
How could I ever explain my beautiful baby to a world who never felt your embrace?
I wish they could see what I felt in my heart and soul for you.
Will the world ever get to know you like I did?

“Well, at least you can get pregnant and try again” they say
Did it occur to them that you were a beautiful, perfect baby in our eyes?
From the moment you were created from Mommy and Daddy’s love,
You’re unique features were decided from your gender, to your eyes,
All the way down to the day you would be born into this world.
There will never be one quite like you, my beautiful, precious angel.
You will never be to me, an object that is replaceable,
but an amazing spirit sent from God.

I hope that you know just how much you were and will always be loved.
You were not able to come to earth to laugh, and love, and play,
but I would like to think that our love for you was so pure and true,
that Heavenly Father allowed you to go straight to Heaven.
Heavenly Father will take care of you my sweet, beautiful angel,
until that miraculous day when we will be able to reunite.

If the world never sees you like I was able to,
I will forever be grateful for the experience and opportunity.
The wonderful opportunity that Heavenly Father entrusted only us to do.
Thank you for allowing us to be your eternal parents,
Even if the world only saw it as just a short while


Heather said...

Cortney, Thank you for your comment on my blog. I am so, so sorry for your loss(es). Though I have never miscarried, losing a child is hard either way, especially when you, the mother are so attached at the very beginning. I would love to get to know you better! I remember Josh from school, he was such a nice guy.

In short, I am so sorry and feel your pain ina related way as we both struggle for something we want so badly. I thought we were doing what the Lord commands, you know the multply and replenish the earth one, and we are. We will. But it is on His time, not ours. I still struggle with that but am getting better at letting go and trusting the Lord.

Email me and we can chat more so I don't make this comment a book. (Go through my blog about me link)

Kelly said...

I love your words. I think you really express what so many feel in this situation. I love how you give a tribute to your baby here.